My snakes track thieves’ claims Epworth Sangoma with 4 cobras – so dont mess with me


An Epworth traditional healer yesterday demonstrated his healing powers by cleaning a live cobra and making it take orders. He claimed it has powers to track robbers. Daudi Chimel, 38, who is originally from Malawi, keeps four live snakes ad claimed the other three were on duty tracking down robbers. He said he basically uses the snakes to track down robbers.

“If a person comes to me with a problem of stolen property, I use the snakes to track down the culprits.

my cobra


I have four snakes but at the moment only one is present because the other three are at work. The snakes are harmless to people. They do not attack anyone as they even know and understand that we have neighbors. Even if they bite me, my blood is resistant to the poison because my grandfather performed a ritual on me to avoid being affected by snake venom. I started practicing as a traditional healer in 1991 when I was still in Malawi.

I did not attend school because my grandfather had already initiated me into the profession of healing. I came to Zimbabwe this year in June and I have been healing people since. Apart from helping people recover their stolen property, I also help them in different problematic areas like finding jobs and sexual problems.

I do not charge people for the help I render them but they only give me tokens of appreciation after they yield results. I do not help people to make money but it is in my blood and I feel mandated to help them. I used to stay in Mozambique before I came here but unfortunately the snake I used there died.