My mother bewitched me, I cannot marry’


INCESSANT assaults, insults and death threats from her violent son left a Zimunya woman with no choice, but to seek a protection order from the courts last week. Mellesy Moyo appeared before Mutare magistrate, Mrs Yeukai Chigodora, praying for protection from her son, Paradzai Luwizhi.She described him as violent and determined to kill her.

The two stay at the same house in Zimunya.

Moyo told the court that Paradzai was accusing her of bewitching him after the death of her husband.

“Paradzai is my biological son, but he has been labeling me as a woman of loose morals following the death of his father. He assaults and insults me several times for no apparent reason. He deliberately drinks alcohol to gain courage to assault me.

“He even threatens to kill me, accusing me of bewitching him. I have had enough of all this and the law should take its course Your Worship. I need protection because I am helpless against him now,” said Moyo.



Asked to respond to the allegations being levelled against him, Paradzai denied ever assaulting his mother, but admitted that he accused her of witchcraft.

“Some of her allegations are false Your Worship. The worst situation that has ever happened been between us is just a verbal argument, nothing more. I wouldn’t know if I said the wrong words to her under the influence of alcohol, but I have never laid my hands on my mother. I am only struggling to push her to remove the ‘things’ she planted on me when my father died.

“These ‘things’ are troubling me and I cannot do anything in life, not even getting married. Now the problem is that she is not willing to help me and that is why we are having all these misunderstandings,” said Paradzai.

He added that he had never referred to his mother a woman of loose morals. In her ruling, Mrs Chigodora granted the protection order which barred Paradzai from insulting or attacking Moyo verbally, adding that he should not disturb her peace in any way.