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snake returns home

LAST week healer Sbusiso Ngobese was so worried that he couldn’t even do his work when one of his four pythons escaped.

His four-year-old python, known as Umkhulu, which means The Great One, disappeared from the house in Spruitview, Ekurhuleni last Sunday.

Sbusiso’s fear was that it had been stolen or was somewhere where it couldn’t take care of itself.

But then Sbusiso went to the room where he kept the snakes and found Umkhulu in his glass cage.

snake returns home


“I picked up my snake and held it to my chest,” said the healer.

“I suspect it went into the neighbourhood but managed to find its way back home.”

He said the snakes help him to heal people and they all have duties.

“Being without one of the snakes for a week was terrible.

“I could not help some of the people because it was missing.

“Now I’m happy that it found its way back and wasn’t harmed.”

The healer has about 16 snakes. Some are at his home in KZN.

At the moment he uses four pythons and muthi to heal people for various sicknesses.

He said the tradition of snake healing has been in the family for a long time.

“My late father was an inyanga and he used snakes as powerful elements in the healing process. When he died in 1999 I went to thwasa and became a traditional healer.

“Snakes are presented to you by the ancestors. They will show you where you can find the snake you need.

“The healer keeps the money from clients in python glass cages.

“The ancestors have to see the rewards they get when healing people. This encourages them to be more active in making other people’s lives better,” said Sbusiso.

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