Musicians Salute CDE CHINX


Musicians have described Cde Chinx – real name Dickson Chingaira – as a unique soldier who contributed immensely to the independence of Zimbabwe through his music.

Jah Prayzah, Suluman Chimbetu, the Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Services Band and Pastor Lawrence Haisa who were at the funeral service which was held for Cde Chinx yesterday spoke glowingly of the musician.

Jah Prayzah
I am greatly hurt with the loss of an iconic revolutionary musician. I can only describe him as true, great soldier in the music industry as we continue to cherish his music. Cde Chinx contributed exceedingly to the independence of Zimbabwe through his music and everyone knows that. It continues to hurt me because it is difficult to find an individual who has a similar personality like him. My his soul rest in peace

Suluman Chimbetu
We are the children of Zimbabwe and at the same time I am greatly hurt at the loss of our father figure Cde Chinx. I can continue describing him as my father because his participation in the liberation struggle exclusively created an encouraging environment for us musicians to be recognised. May his soul rest in peace
Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services Band




We are greatly hurt by the loss of our fellow gallant son who brought freedom to the country through his music. We have worked with him in various projects in our organisation and our band at large. His passion to work with some of the inmates revealed that he was a loving member of the society. It’s difficult to find such people in society who can commit themselves to work diligently with inmates. Tarasikirwa negamba raitisimudzira chaizvo. May his soul rest in peace.

Pastor Haisa
I can only describe Cde Chingaira as a great man who freed us from white domination in a distinctive way. He contributed to the music industry a lot and it is a loss to some of us who obtained guidance from him to be involved in music. To the Chingaira family I say may the Lord continue to comfort you. Zororai murugare Cde.

Similar voices were echoed from the Chimurenga music outfits such as Mabvuku Chiwororo Queens and Zimbabwe Revolution Intelligence Choir who described Cde Chinx as a legend who assisted them to become renowned performers in music circles.

He also assisted the two groups on the album “Chikopokopo 100% power” and “Jongwe”.
At the same time, Cde Chingaira’s child Sagelaw Chingaira (24) revealed that his father inspired him to take part in music and he is ready to take his father’s legacy to the next level.
Sagelaw showed his talent after he gave a polished act from his father’s songs Hondo Yeminda, Signature and Africa.