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Mujuru faces arrest ahead of 2018 elections




The ruling Zanu PF government could turn to the security sector to arrest Joice Mujuru ahead of the 2018 general elections.

This follows remarks by Jonathan Moyo, the Higher and Tertiary Education minister and party strategist on Twitter that Mujuru was not yet off the hook for alleged corruption committed during her long tenure as a senior member of government.

Mujuru was kicked out of Zanu PF in early 2015 following a protracted campaign by party foes, President Robert Mugabe and his wife, Grace.

She had been removed as national and party vice president at a congress in December and replaced by her long time rival, Emmerson Mnangagwa who is said to be eyeing President Robert Mugabe’s position.

She was accused of trying to topple Mugabe, graft and abuse of office.



Mujuru, who has formed a new party and will contest the presidency in 2018, has repeatedly protested her innocence and, during a rally at the weekend, noted that no charges had been brought against her.

“Up to this day, we have not gone to jail, neither have we been stopped by police at the numerous roadblocks that we go through on a daily basis. Everything they said about me was a lie,” she said.

The remarks prompted Moyo, who was part of the team that ousted Mujuru, to hit back, insisting that she could still be prosecuted.

“The whole world knows that’s a lie (that she is off the hook). Mujuru did not want corruption exposed,” wrote Moyo on Twitter.

Mugabe has used state institutions to persecute political rivals in the past, among them Morgan Tsvangirai who was arrested for stage-managed treason charges in the early 2000s.

The strategy is widely used in African countries where the continent’s strongmen jail their competitors as a way of derailing their election campaigns and tarnishing their image

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