Mugabe punishing Ndebeles for his father’s weakness – Moyo


Exiled Zimbabwean human rights defender and democracy activist Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo has said President Robert Mugabe should stop punishing the people of Matabeleland because of “his father’s weakness”.Mugabe-nkosilathi

Moyo who once sent Mugabe a prison uniform as a birthday present said on Monday: “It’s easy for most of my fellow Zimbabweans to accept the possibility of a black President ruling the United States of America, than for them to believe that one day Zimbabwe can have a Ndebele Presiden “But I don’t blame them for that, the seeds of tribalism and looking down upon Ndebeles were sowed and indoctrinated in them by Robert Mugabe who for the last three decades did all he could to weaken Matebeleland and it’s inhabitants,” he told Bulawayo24 from his hideout.

Moyo said the 92-year-old leader “must be reminded that we were not there when his father abandoned their family and re-married in Bulawayo and he must stop trying to punish us all for his father’s weakness.”