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Mugabe Must step down From SADC, AU and UN




MLO Supreme Council calls for the continental and world bodies like African Union and United Nations to expel Zimbabwe over occupation of Matabeleland, human rights abuses and Matabeleland genocide.MLO

Zimbabwe leader President Robert Mugabe who presided over genocide, human rights abuses and oppression of the people of Matabeleland must not be allowed to use the platforms of these august organisations to masquerade as a human rights  defender and a Pan Africanist. He is a rogue and a fake Pan Africanist but satanist par excellence for he has deceived many.We note with convulsion and utter disdain that the hypocrite President Mugabe has been given the platform at UN and AU on several occasions to  present and project himself as a Pan Africanist, human rights defender and African hero, yet he is a fraud presiding over a broken state with broken homes, broken families broken businesses and broken hopes of millions of people in the failed Zimbabwean state.

For the record he killed over 40 000 unarmed Matebeles, over 100 000 Matebele women raped, over 100 000 Matebele homes raised to the ground with fire, over 100 000 Matebeles were maimed and struggling to survive to date, over a million displaced and dispersed, with majority into South Africa, Botswana, UK, Australia, Canada to name but just a few counties.

He has created a 11,7 billion Burgeoning foreign debt part of which went into corrupt accounts of unashamed and heartless Zanupf Shona functionaries. This debt has to be paid by the present generation up to the 10th generation yet Matebeleland received nothing.

Since year 2000 he has had to extend his brutality to the people of Mashonaland who have supported him from 1980 to date. He presides over a corrupt government where state resources are being looted under his nose and changing hands at the Deeds Office. The future governments after President Mugabe would find no state resources to use.

He has brought down a once buoyant and prosperous economy to its knees contrary to the advise of Samora Machel and Julius Nyerere who told him in 1980: “you have inherited the duel of Africa please keep it that way.” It was as if they were seeing through him. The bread basket of Africa has been turned into a basket case. No door of an international money lender has not been knocked by the finance minister of Zimbabwe begging for loans. On one of his begging missions recently in Europe, Zimbabwe Finance Minister, Patric Chinamasa, was asked by journalists in france how much he wanted, he responded, “there is no limit” Yes there is no limit to corruption financial mismanagement and financial profligacy by unashamed Shona leaders.

The country now has no currency of its own, the country has lost its industrial base, the country has lost its high standards in education, health, social life, moral fibre and infrastructure.

All above is pre Mugabe legacy of 36 years of tyrannical and apartheid rule. We wonder which legacy the Shona leaders like Morgan Tsvangirai refer to when they seek president Robert Mugabe to step down and protect his legacy. Which legacy that needs to be protected?

These are some of many reasons MLO is working tirelessly towards effecting Matabeleland breakaway from Zimbabwe as there is no future in Zimbabwe. No Shona leader would do better than Mugabe in a thousand years or in our life time. They are all thieves and corrupt.

MLO is ready to take over Matabeleland and govern.

Izenzo Kungemazwi!

Israel Dube

MLO Secretary For Information and Public Affairs

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