Mozambican soldier arrested in Zimbabwe


There was drama at Muzarabani growth point on Friday the 7th of October when a Mozambican soldier was nabbed for allegedly purchasing mercury in the area.

Sources familiar with the situation told Bulawayo24 that all senior officers at Muzarabani police station had to be armed with fire arms as they sensed danger in the Mozambican.

It is alleged the Mozambican had a pistol on him and was buying mercury in the area and police arrested him working on a tip off but he had informed his fellow Mozambicans.
Upon sensing danger officers at Muzarabani station had to transfer the soldier to St Alberts police station.


A Mahindra vehicle with a Mozambican registration plate is said to have stormed Muzarabani in the early hours of Saturday around 3am filled with Mozambican nationals with the intention to rescue their fellow countryman.

Meanwhile, police refused to comment and told the reporter investigations are still underway and should come on the ground and see for himself the whole incident.

More to follow…