Model Jackie Ngarande has joined Pokello in slapping down Facebook celebrity, Thomas Chizhanje for abusing his wall.

She said “Thomas Chizhanje, I think it’s high you understand something from me it looks like it’s now turning into your daily habit or hobby of bringing people down here on Facebook. Uri munhu wekuziva wangu. Does it really give you joy or add money into your account kuti some of your fans in particular are always talking about someone’s past, sx tapes and all. Just because that sex tape leaked it doesn’t make one a p star.



The fact that when you sinned, nobody noticed its doesn’t make you holy wangu ..I think it’s high time you rebrand your followers. Remember followers or fans are like small children vanoita zvawataura or rather still follow you even if you change your behaviour, cant you be like Plot Mhako. Let your wall upgrade and motivate someones brand.

You are in this entertainment industry or Facebook celebrity industry, Yes I understand
but when people circulated your wife’s video about the question thing. I never shared or reposted it because uri munhu wekuziva Cst. Vanhu vakati unochengetwa nemukadzi.

When your wife’s emails leaked I never commented because uri wemudanga wangu.. Let other people bring and her brand down, not you. Dont be the root of someone’s downfall.

The other time you posted my picture uchiti Zarination. I had to ask you to take down the post because of the negativity from your fans .One of your followers who is a Facebook doctor diagnosed me.Ndikanyarara . Nyaya ndaitaurwe ichipera Cst .

We need each other in this industry wangu.Bringing down other people’s brands down will never make yours bigger and better. This syndrome of being root of bullying, hate and
throwing shade on others people brand doesn’t work here in Zimbabwe.