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Shut Down Zimbabwe

Home Affairs minister, Ignatius Chombo has defended police brutality against in Harare and around Zimbabwe citizens saying sometimes it was necessary.

He insinuated that minimum force was not enough for some people.“It’s a victim who is complaining that the police used maximum force, and you (journalists), intelligent as you are, believe the side of the victim.“If there is evidence of any excess use of power, show me and I will deal with it quickly. Sometimes enough is not enough for a person to whom enough is too little,” he said.

He went on to defend police roadblocks, saying only those who drove stolen vehicles were afraid of roadblocks.Chombo said those who wanted to demonstrate had to do it in terms of the law, saying while the government accepted the legitimate right of citizens to petition, they should be exercised peacefully.

“It is very clear in the Constitution what you should do if you want to demonstrate. But if you elect not to follow the law, the police have a right to protect the other law abiding citizens whose rights you are now infringing upon,” he said.

Here is a picture of the police after beating up an innocent man in Mufakose in Harare…. #ShutDownZim Pictures from Mufakose - Police in Royal Rambo with Residents

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