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Mzansi Stars

Mihlali Ndamase giving Mzansi Men Sleepless Nights?

We all know and love Mihlali Ndamase for always keeping us up to date with the happenings of her life. And just like she has done many times before, this time it is nothing different.

As you already know, the beauty influencer is tirelessly famous for always taking to her Twitter with cryptic tweets that always render many breathless.

This time, it seems that tweeps are starting to believe that she is the one inviting drama into her own life.
In a recent tweet, Mihlali revealed that she had been woken up by one of her many suitors, who had called to ask the beauty influencer why she did not want him.

Not only that, but a very upset Mihllai also went on ahead to share screenshots of her call log, just in case tweeps would think that she was lying.

Source: News365

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