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Mzansi Stars

Mihlali Ndamase responds to claims she went under the knife

Mihlali Ndamase has clap back at those who claim that she went under the knife to get her body done.

The star is still wondering why people are wanting to know the secret of her banging body.

This all started when she shared a snap of herself snatching in a stunning bikini by the pool.

While many were stanning hard, one tweep claimed there was no way she had a fiery body like that without having gone under the knife.

He said: “These people hit the gym for couple of days, make noise about it then go for surgeries than come back with new bodies, mxm. There’s no way that Mihlali lost weight this fast.”

Reacting to this in a series of tweets Mihlali cleared the air and said she used a diet to reach her body goals for 2021.

“If only you knew how terrified I am to go under the knife, hence why I opted to diet until I reach my body goals, but go off mami. Also let’s say I went in for surgery, why’s it your business? Hayi bandla.”

“I went in for surgery when I was updating my weight-loss journey on my stories? Telling y’all I went plant based and s**t. Lol Niyaboniswa, shame.

“I worked very hard to get this body, I wish y’all wouldn’t be weird about that. I mean even at my skinniest I had hips, why is my body shocking now?” Mihlali added


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