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Method Mwanjali walks FREE but assault charge still stand



Method Mwanjali

Method Mwanjali paid the medical bills for the man he reportedly stabbed following a misunderstanding in a drunken brawl, prompting the man to forgive him and withdraw charges against the player.

Mwanjali appeared before Magistrate Noel Mupeiwa, who cleared him of attempted murder charges.

In his withdrawal affidavit, Tonderai Nhunzvi highlighted that he had opted for an out of court settlement.

“Accused and I have since reached an understanding and he has agreed to pay my medical bills. I have forgiven him and no longer wish to have him prosecuted. I have since recovered from the attack and I am back at work,” read the affidavit.

Nhunzvi told the court that he withdrew the charges on his own free will.

“I reached that decision on my own free will and I was never induced in any way to withdraw the charges,” he said.

The prosecutor, Mr Tinashe Kanyemba-Makiya consented to the withdrawal.

However, Mwanjali is not yet off the hook as the assault charge still stands.

It is alleged that he assaulted Nhunzvi’s friend Lionel Muchena, who tried to stop him from attacking Nhunzvi.

Mwanjali will be back in court tomorrow (Friday) for trial commencement.

He is being represented by Tinofara Hove.

Mwanjali’s alleged accomplice and teammate Archford Gutu is also out on bail.

Gutu is facing a charge of malicious damage to property and his trial was adjourned to June 27.

Allegations were that Mwanjali (33) stabbed Nhunzvi with a knife on Independence Day following an altercation in the parking lot at Long Cheng Plaza in Belvedere, Harare.

The State alleges that the two met at an intersection in the complex, where their vehicles almost collided, leading to a heated exchange of words and the stabbing.

Gutu, who was behind the wheel, allegedly got out of the vehicle and charged towards Nhunzvi, who had three passengers.

He accused Nhunzvi of reckless driving. The misunderstanding degenerated into a fistfight with Gutu smashing the windscreen of the vehicle which Nhunzvi was driving.

Mwanjali allegedly joined in the fracas and drew a knife and reportedly stabbed Nhunzvi in the stomach.

Nhunzvi’s friend Muchena tried to stop Mwanjali, but was also left injured.

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