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Meet Zimbabwe’s richest PROSTITUTE




A SELF-CONFESSED H00KER, who stands accused of using charms to lure clients, has revealed her tools of trade following her success story in other businesses.SEX WORKER

Belinda Precious Kufa,23, popularly known as Anesu in the Avenues area,engaged in se_x work in 2014 and boasts of owning ten vehicles and two houses in Harare and Bindura respectively.

Anesu,a mother of one,is further accused by her ‘competitors’ of hiring cars from a local car dealer which she uses along with other hookers to lure rich clients to her apartment along Samora Machel Avenue. Anesu denied the allegations saying she is a qualified beauty therapists and hooker of sober habits.

She also said she takes note of every dollar she gets to earn a living . In her room was a domestic worker busy cleaning the apartment and she quickly welcomed this writer assuming that a client had come.

“Welcome ,do not be disturbed I know that you are looking for Anesu,she is downstairs in one of her rooms,come in as I call her,”she said standing by the door. Anesu,who occupies two apartments at a flat along Samora Machel Avenue, one of low-income clients and the other for the rich,at least according to her,confirmed owning ten vehicles.

“Aaah wazvinzwa nani zvemotokari dzangu , vanhu vanemakuhwa,ndakuziva zvangu handiti ndiwe Arron waida kurohwa nemahure zuva riya ndichirikugara pa Trekkerel apo,”said Anesu.

“It’s true I am a class two driver with ten vehicles that is why my competitors are being disturbed by my success,I do not use charms as alleged.

“I heard that hookers from around the Avenues have been worried about my success and its only that I do not take drugs as what some of them do and I am of sober habits ,I do not drink beer.

“Of course I am a hooker ,I offer my clients good customer care,provide protected se_x,oral se_x and as well as massaging since I am a qualified beauty therapist.Besides commercial se_x,I charge motorists to drive theirs cars from Tanzania.I do car rentals and I sublet flats to my fellow hookers.

“Those are my tools of trade and I have two houses under construction in Bindura and Harare.

“Very soon I will be renting the houses and they will end up saying anechikwambo,it’s not juju but using brains in whatever dollar you get especially from pr_ostitution.

“Who among the high-profile people does not know my nickers and my first floor apartment ,only the low-income clients are for the ground floor room since they are for ‘quickies’on a bad day.

“These days our clients are struggling hakuna mari saka wandiwana ndiripasi apa kutsvaga vanhu,saka haundiziveka nekuti wapfuura ndikakushevedza ukaramba kupinda mumba .

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1 Comment

  1. makanaka

    25/06/2016 at 7:53 pm

    Shame stereki. Kutoshaina nechipfambi.

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