Meet the man who sleeps with his wife and girlfriend on the same bed


A WIFE was beaten up for asking for se_x from her husband who had just had it with a girlfriend on the same bed they were sleeping on.

Had Edson Hungwe (42) agreed to his 44-year-old wife Zvidzai Hungwe’s demand; Edson’s back to back se_x act could have qualified to be termed a th_ree-some.

Instead, he reacted violently and beat up his wife of more than 10 years for asking for action.

Zvidzai reported the beating to the police. He has since appeared before Gweru magistrate Judith Taruvinga and pleaded guilty to domestic violence charges.

In his defence he said he beat his wife because she wanted to delay him from going to work.



Your worship, she was demanding that l sleep with her when l was supposed to wake up and get ready for work. I wasn’t going to be late for work because of her. If she wanted me to have se_x with her, she should have asked during the night,” said Hungwe.

For his actions, Hungwe was slapped with six months imprisonment but three months were set aside on condition that he does not commit a similar crime in the next two years.

The remaining three months were suspended on condition that he performs 105 hours of community service at Kushinga Primary School.

Circumstances surrounding the matter are that on 26 November, at around 7.40pm, Hungwe arrived home with a girlfriend. He then slept with the girlfriend and wife on the same bed.

On the same night Hungwe had se_xual intercourse with the girlfriend in the presence of his wife. At around 4am, Zvidzai demanded conjugal rights from her husband.

This did not go down well with Hungwe who reacted by assaulting his wife with fists all over the body. He also head butted her on her lower lip.