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MBORO yemunhu mukuru inonaka ndakasvirwa naBaba veBest Friend Yangu



kusvirwa nababa
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MBORO yemunhu mukuru inonaka ndakasvirwa naBaba veBest Friend Yangu. I am in college doing my final year and i am friends with Prisca. My name is Ruth and i stay in Norton, Prisca and his family stay in Mount Pleasant. Me and Prisca both attend school paUZ and some days i sleep over kumba kwanaPrisca when we finish late.

I am that kind of person who some refer as a free spirit, i enjoy having fun and vamwe might say ndine musikanzwa. One thing that i was open from long back is that ndinoda mboro and i am not shy about it. Handisi hure but i just enjoy kunakirwa nemboro once in a while. Now that you have some background of me, lets get back to the story… The thing is Prisca has a very cool dad, he is always there for her and whenever i spend the night, the man is always looking at me and checking me out maybe becoz handitye kupfeka mini and kuratidza nyama. Sad to say her mom passed away when she was only in grade 5.

One day though i took matters into my own hands pandakaona baba ava vakanditarisa. We were preparing for exams and all we did was study. I asked my parents for permission to stay at Prisca’s house for the remainder of the semester that was almost 3 weeks. Baba vaPrisca said it was fine saka when my parents agreed i moved to Mt Pleasant. First day was normal and all was fine, we studied and later watched TV. Baba vaPrisca got back from work and found us watching TV. Prisca was cooking so once in a while she would go kukitchen to check out her pots. Pakasimuka Prisca ndakaona baba vake vakanditarisa pamaziso chaipo then move down kusvika kumakumbo. Ndakanzwa nyere dzakasimba just thinking kuti this Cool Dad was looking kwandiri like that. Ndaiziva hangu kuti as far as dressing was concerned i was on point and gumbo ndakaratidza.

Prisca came back from the Kitchen and that ended like that. Pakugeza before i slept ndakabonyora muTub and i was thinking of Baba vaPrisca. I came into Prisca’s bedroom with a smile and Prisca asked “what are you smiling at?” Ndakanyepa and said “there is this older guy anondida but i think anotya kundiudza” Prisca was nice enough not to ask too much info and said… “RUTH WHY DON’T YOU TAKE CARE OF THINGS YOURSELF…” Tese takaseka and went to sleep.

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