Mboro yake was so big and aiziva kuishandisa, ndakazopinda maone nekuda mboro!


Mboro yake was so big and aiziva kuishandisa, ndakazopinda maone nekuda mboro! I have always been munhu anoda mari, it’s always been in my nature to hustle even nepasingadi ku hustler. Ndaitengesa masalon products and I had given one of my clients a whole box and had taken ages to pay, I don’t take such nonsense till this day.

She had been avoiding me saka one morning I woke up it was a Sunday. I decided to go kuchurch. The reason was maiva nemunhu ane mari yangu saka ndakapfeka maternity dress it was the only dress I owned, I was 20 ndaida zvinhu I believed ma trousers pakuchena. I was 9 months pregnant or at least I thought I was. I had done amateur calculations basing on the evening I spent with guy where he made breathtaking love to me, oh how I remember it like it was yesterday. So steamy, so aggressive, each time he went deeper I knew I was gonna get used to this guy plus baba vanga vakasenga ivavo. Mboro yake was so big and he knew how to use it.

Matsinga tsinga eshondo iya maihwe zvangu ah vasikana ndaida kuidya nemuromo. I enjoyed touching it occasionally kungoidenha and see it pressed against his trousers yakazvimba and screaming for attention. I made it my best friend that night and that’s the night my best friend made me pregnant. Now ndapfeka hembe went to church kutsvaga mai vemari yangu. I had a funny feeling the whole morning just tired and hungry ndichinzwa kuda kusvirwa. Mumwe musi ndakamuka ndichida chibuku, earlier ndichigeza beche randainge ndisina kubata in the past few months, ndikanzwa kutsvedzerera and I figured ndinofanirwa kunge ndatunda in one of the dreams I had been having lately.

I paid no attention to the discharge. Now I was by the church my goodness the surprise I got in the yard was jaw dropping just as much as it was intriguing. It was like heaven I silently whispered hoo nhai so this is where all the good men have gone to. I was in a trans masasi eharare. I must have drooled chete there some seriously mighty fine brothers. Suddenly a sharp pain shook me up and brought me back to reality. I was a 90kg pregnant woman with hair that looked like I had been struck by lightning wearing a see through maternity dress that left nothing to the imagination. 5 mins later a tall hunk approached me extending his big fairly brown strong slightly hairy amazing hand and said, “you must be new” , In my head I responded “you must ride me ” “I’m Tafadzwa let me help you find a seat” I never said a word.

Funny enough I saw mai vemari yangu so I went over to her and told with the biggest plastic smile in the history of mankind and told her no jokes I will make a scene pachurch pako ndipe mari yangu. She said hesi Amanda sha zvapapressa I don’t have money I don’t know how to tell you i feel bad. So I raised my voice. .. Nhasi uchandipa mari yempiro I ain’t leaving . “Amanda veduwe mkoba sure kwawabva kuzondishura” Right before I could answer there was that pain again.“Aaaawwww! This time much more intense.

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