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Mbare Flats Residents Through Poo Through Windows




Imagine waking up every morning seeing poo on your windows.

This is the scenario in Mbare where residents between Mbare Flats and National have reached a stalemate over their concerns on who to solve their disputes over poo being thrown through windows.mbare

The activities have remained unsolved just like those of waste management.

There was exchange of words between the residents after they saw EMA officials who were in the company of journalists during an Environmental Management Agency (EMA) tour around the city on waste management.

During the tour, it was discovered that some residents whose rooms are at the bottom are crying foul over others for taking advantage of their upper rooms and throw poo.

Speaking to H-Metro, one of the residents from Mbare National Paurina Matewu, expressed displeasure over the activities.

“Tanzwa kuno, vanhu vepi vasinganyari shuwa kukanda tsvina nepamahwindo.

“Kuisa tsvina muplastic kwakukanda pasi, munoti tinoponerepi, makuseni ega ega kuona tsvina shuwa here.”

Paurina further said, the poo will be in urine.

“Usafunge vanokanda tsvina chete, neweti futi, saka moti togarisana zvakanakawo sei, chete vanotemba nekuti ndevemusangano,” she said.

Paurina’s anger was countered by that of Pauline Munozogara from Mbare Flats (opposite side) who also accused them of throwing poo during the same hours.

“Naiwo vanokandawo tsvina yacho, hunhu humwechete, vanotomukirawo kukanda tsvina yacho.”

Paurina had to invite the EMA officials into the rooms to see for themselves.

“Huyai muonewo, ini my room is downstairs and I also face the same challenges coz hautovhure mawindow because munoswera muchingonwa weti nekudya tsvina.

“Asi avo vanokandawo tsvina,” she said.

She added:

“We need help because it’s a mess in these rooms, huyai muonewo.”

According to the residents from National, Mbare Flats are occupied by officials from Harare Municipality whose wives perform such acts.

“Apa varume vawo vanoshanda kucouncil ikoko, unotoona vachitopoda vapedza kukanda tsvina pasi.

“We no longer plant vegetables because itsvina yega yega, hapasvikiki nekunhuwa,” said another resident who refused to be named.

Meanwhile, EMA and other stakeholders are making frantic efforts to deal with waste management and urging people to place litter in designated bins.

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