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Mawarire is a bogus pastor says Mugabe




President Robert Mugabe has launched a scathing attack on Pastor Evan Mawarire labelling him as a bogus preacher who advocates violence.

He said the #ThisFlag frontman was free to go and live with his foreign handlers.

“The Mawarire’s, you know him and those who believe in that way of living in our country, well they are not part of us, they are not part of us as we try to live together” said Mugabe amid thunderous applause from mourners during the burial of Charles Utete at the National Hero’s Arce today.


“If they don’t like to live  with us let them go to those who are sponsoring them, to the countries of those who are sponsoring them , fine.

“You can’t urge people to adopt violence, violent demonstrations as a way of life or way of solving grievances” said the 92 year old leader.

Mugabe then burst to his trademark “No no no” chant.

We say no, forever no.Find another environment. If you are a pastor, I don’t know if he is a man of religion, a man of religion we would hope would preach biblical peace” he added.

“So these men of the  cloth, not all of them are true preachers of the bible.

“In don’t know whether they are serving God.

“Well we spell God as GGoD, they spell God in reverse (DOG)”.

The 39-year old Harare-based pastor started the social movement after spontaneously posting a video of himself expressing his frustration with the socio-economic situation in Zimbabwe, and the government’s inability to remedy the situation.

His act inspired other movements such as #tajamuka which means “we have rebelled” and#shutdownzimbabwe2016, a protest against Mugabe’s economic policies.

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