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Masvirirwo andakaitwa naUncle Jeri muGarage



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Uncle Jeri was heavenly handsome yum -candy .Kune varume vakanaka kani imi ndati.He was built like the Greek mythical Gods. Looking back now I think no one ..not even iwewe … woman born of man could resist this gawdly image .Uncle Jeri vanga vakaumbwa asikana kunge vanodyiwa and he was blatantly aware of the effect he had on women to be very honest regai ndireurure from the moment I set my eyes on him I wanted kudya mboro yavo.

My friend Patie had asked me to accompany her home to Gweru and having nothing to do for two weeks I had agreed .Patie aigaro taura about how wonderful Uncle Jeri was.
She had not mentioned he was a heartbreaker ….Well I agree he was wonderful and from the look of the bulge on his pants …..ummmh ..very wonderful.

We had small talk on the dinner table and I started winking and giving him the eye .Well I needed to feel that chest and those abs .Kutoda kusvirwa navo.Beche rangu raratota Kare.
We started fl!rting with our eyes and pretty much decided that we were gonna be more than friends …

Fast forward to dessert my foot was careessing his legs at the dinner table and my hands were servicing his kingship—I made him feel so good that he couldn’t even eat his food. Well i became his dessert .Once the family finished eating their dessert, his wife got up to go to the kitchen, I then whispered to him that I wanted to be his for the night if he could sneak out .

Well i was in bed tossing and turning staring at the ceiling imagining mboro yaUncle Jeri and how i wanted to ride him.Uncle Jeri vanenge vaitawo nyere for me too because once everyone was in bed he came and coughed outside the door of the room that me and Patuma were sharing .I looked at Patie and knew she would not wake up till morning … I knew that was a signal and crept out and we met in the garage

Ndakatanga kuita yekudya, chimboro chacho changa chiri chidhafu chipfupi chakabhenda chine tsinga …imi beche raive rovhita sechironda chinotsvaga hurwa ndandanzwa nezemo ..

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