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Mass Starvation hits Gokwe,villagers surviving on grass




Gokwe North communities under Chief Simchembu are now surviving on wild grass as shortage of maize has hit hard due to the drought.

It is understood that ward 31 residents in Gokwe’s Kabuyuni under Chief Simchembu and surrounding areas are harvesting the wild brachiaria grass’ seed which they dry and grind to make their sadza meal.

This was revealed during the recent launch of the Midlands Food for Work Programme in Gokwe North at Sabala Bridge to try and alleviate food shortages in the area where residents said they harvest the grass’ seeds.


“We are now eating wild grass, some of us identified the grass and we harvest it to make our meal because we didn’t harvest anything and there is no maize anywhere,” said one resident.

In an interview on the sidelines of the launch, one of the chiefs, Chireya said people did not harvest anything and the situation would be dire in two months.

“The situation here is terrible. We are suffering from hunger as you know we didn’t get enough rains. People were sharing the little that a few managed to harvest but in about two months time people will die of hunger,” he said.

The Chief said the grass does not give them much joy in terms of nutrition.

“It doesn’t last in the tummy. Those not used to it have running stomachs,” he added.


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