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Mashakada widow faces hard times




All is not well for the late Cephas Mashakada’s widow Eunice who is reportedly going through hard times and suffered a mild stroke last month

Eunice who penned a song “Shungu Dzangu” after her husband’s death is said to have been admitted at a local hospital because of the ailment.

A close relative yesterday said things were not well for the widow who is not enjoying the fruits of her husband’s sweat.

“A lot has been going on in her life and to be honest she is always stressed. Since the death of her husband she has been having problems with relatives among other issues,” noted the relative.





The relative revealed that Eunice’s health continues to deteriorate.

“In February she went through a similar situation and we all thought she had recovered, but last month she fell ill again and spent the whole month admitted at a local hospital.”

Though Eunice confirmed the ailment, she could not open up on what was eating her up.

“Since the death of Baba (Mashakada) I have not been well because a lot of things have been affecting me. I wish to get back to my feet and release albums to fulfil my husband’s wish,” she said.

She could not reveal more saying she was living by the grace of God.

Ndirikurarama ne nyasha dzaMwari mwanangu (I am living by the grace of God my son),” she said.

Sources said her sour relationship with step-daughters Memory and Miriam continue to affect the widow.

They were having disagreements over the control of the band Sounds of the Muddy Face left by the musician when he died in 2011.

Dancer Shemu “Chibage” Mashonganyika who was sucked in the dispute yesterday said the problems were things of the past and both camps were moving on.

“I would not know about her (Mai Mashakada)’s health problems but we are moving on since Memory and Mirriam are the directors of the band I am leading,” he said.

Mashakada managed to build his loyal fan base with his raspy voice that complemented a fine beat that revolutionarised popular church choruses.

People loved him and sometimes some would jokingly say the name of his band “Sounds of the Muddy Face” went well with his funny voice.

Some of his songs were hymns that were blended with sungura and jiti.

“Nyaradzo Yakaitwa” was one of his albums that were successful and reportedly sold thousands copies.

The musician won awards and staged many shows with the hit “Samson” becoming one of his all-time favourites


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