Married Headmaster Caught Red Handed In bed With a teacher


A married headmaster at Majongwe Primary school in Guruve, Mbire district is said to have been caught na_ked by his wife in the company of a teacher, from his school at a lodge.

Moses Ngirazi is alleged to have been caught with Bridget Kanyemba by his wife after a beer binge. Narrating the cheating scandal, Moses’s wife said she had heard from rumours that he was cheating with Bridget but she did not have evidence up until she caught them.

“Let me start by saying that when I went to my husband’s school in March, that was my first time there. I used to just stay at our house in Glen View. And I was told by some people that Moses and Bridget were head over heels in love but that alone was not sufficient evidence.

But then I started seeing her messages in his phone and also what made me see that indeed they were in love is when Bridget she spilled water on our bed through the window of our house at the school. Many people at the school got to know about this issue such that she had to apologise,” said Moses’s wife.

She added that another incident at the school was when her husband allegedly sneaked out of the house to go meet up with Bridget and they went to have a beer binge at Mushumbi growth point.

“I followed their movements and they went to the growth point where they started drinking beer and having some quality time. They booked at a lodge before they went and continued with their drinking, I was seeing them from a distance.


When they decided to go have se_x at the lodge, I followed them and got in and confronted them but to my shock, he asked me what I was doing there since he had left me at home, they were both na_ked. He told me to leave and I went to a friend’s place,” she said.

She added that she got married to Moses in 2016 and they have one child. The wife said what made it worse was that Bridget was a prostitute who dates and goes to beer binges with other men. “Chirikundirwadza ndechekuti mukadzi uyu ih**r, most of the times haatomborari pachikoro, anenge atoenda kunoonana nevamwe varume. So I can’t accept that,’ she said.

Contacted for comment, Bridget first said haiwawo, handizvizivi ini, she then went to say “the wife never came to the school this story is fictional, whoever told you, do they have evidence? All I can say is that lady is another girlfriend,” said Bridget. She then went on to reveal that Moses was not just her school head but was also a drinking partner.

“We were in the company of other teachers and we drink as a group, that is what we do as teachers from our school. There is nothing more to it. Bridget later called this reporter as she went on to blame school politics for soiling her name. If I may ask who told you that story? Anyway I know why people are saying this, they think that Moses favors me, that’s why they are saying this. Right now I’m at a workshop but I came here not because I’m in love with him, no, it’s because I’m competent, ndoziva basa rangu better than other teachers. I’m a married woman I would never cheat with Moses,” she said.

Asked to comment on the allegations of spilling water on Moses and his wife’s bed, Bridget confirmed it but said it was not jealousy related but without revealing what really had angered her. “That water incident happened, but haaaa tanga tangonetsana naye kuchikoro but I could not react while I was at the school. I had to keep calm and decided to pour water on his bed, it was better because if I had reacted the way I wanted I could have slapped him, haa ndaigona kutomurova mbama chaiyo,” she said.

When H-Metro contacted Moses he said “haiwa mayasi hakuna nyaya yakadaro shamwari, chingonyora zvaunenge wada iwewe. You know Bridget drives and she drinks beer, so going out for drinks with someone does it mean I’m having an affair with them. That person who followed us or is saying they saw us, is just being used,” he said.

He later called this reporter and showered unwarranted insults, “Anyway let me tell you that if I wronged her, why am I at her house right now” but anyway usandibvunze zvisina basa pa***a pako mhani iwe,” then hung up his phone.