Married woman bashes S-E-X worker for sleeping with hubby


There was drama in Jumbo mine, Mazowe, when a s-ex worker was caught in a married woman’s bedroom yesterday

The alleged s-ex worker claimed that she did not know that the man was married.

A mobile phone footage shows the wife sitting on top of the s-ex worker clobbering her head with fits.



I find it funny that a married woman would hit another woman, yet it’s her husband who cheated on her.”

“The prostitute did not cheat on her at all, in fact she was just minding her own business, women should stop abusing each other over loose men,” said the eyewitness.

It is believed the man in question is a makorokoza (gold panner).

S-ex workers are storming Jumbo since they say the miners there pay handsomely.