Married woman pays dearly for session of afternoon se_x


SE_X next door is a NO, NO!
That’s what a Bulawayo woman learnt when she was beaten up for sleeping with her married neighbour.

Alice Mhloro and her relatives Nkosilathi Mpofu and Prominent Moyo pummelled Simayedwa Nkala all over her body with an electric cable and fists when they caught her in the act with Odwel Mpofu, Mhloro’s husband.

The trio was dragged to court and appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Batanayi Tuwe facing a charge of assault.

They all pleaded guilty.

In passing his sentence Tuwe condemned Nkala’s behaviour saying it was an act of extreme provocation.

session of afternoon se_x

“In coming up with the sentence the court took it into consideration that the action of the complainant was an act of extreme provocation. The court can’t ignore the fact that such provocation can cause very irrational responses.

Your sentence is as follows. Mhloro you are ordered to pay $15 or seven days in prison. Nkosilathi and Moyo you will pay $40 each or 30 days in prison.

The State’s case as led by prosecutor Leonard Chile was that on November 18 around 1 am Nkosilathi Mpofu was drinking beer with his brother Odwel Mpofu when the latter invited a female neighbour to join them.

Nkosilathi is said to have left and informed Mpofu’s wife Mhloro and her sister that Mpofu was in the company of a female companion.

When Mhloro peeped through the window she saw her husband pounding on her neighbour on their matrimonial bed and called the two to witness.

The three accused persons asked the complainant and Mpofu to open the door. While inside, they assaulted the complainant all over her body using fists and open hands leaving her unconscious. She was ferried to hospital leading to the accused persons’ arrest.

Source-B Metro