Married woman exposed after having an affair with a small boy


A married woman’s illicit affair with a boy came to light after their ‘kodak moments’ were discovered in her mobile phone by her husband.

Eulogy Jaya, 34, a flight sergeant is believed to have fallen in love with Love Nyamukapa, 24, sometime in August last year and the two had sx in the former’s matrimonial bedroom where the photographs were captured.The photographs are believed to have leaked to their domestic worker and are now circulating on smartphones and the story is awash with residents urging married couples to shun immorality.

Eulogy is nursing a baby and is on leave and her husband John Sitima confirmed the incident begging H-Metro for the story not to see the light of the day.

“My brother I am really sorry on behalf of my wife, I do not know how the story reached you and the photographs but I am the one who discovered the photographs last year in October,” said Sitima.

“She apologised and we resolved the matter but I do not know how the photographs leaked and the story is news in Manyame.

“Do not bother my wife; it will affect her job if that story is published. Please you are free to tell me what you want so that the story and photographs are not published.

“I beg you my brother we have since resolved the matter amicably,” said Sitima.Eulogy’s mobile could not be reached for comment and efforts to visit her were fruitless as well as John.

However, one of the residents told H-Metro that Eulogy’s misunderstanding with her domestic worker sold out their shenanigans and the domestic worker has since been dismissed over the story.


“Residents are not happy with stories of cheating couples here in Manyame and we want this stopped or else a disciplinary measure like relocating anyone caught cheating is best,” said a disgruntled resident.

“Eulogy physically abused her domestic worker suspecting her to have leaked the photographs to residents but she has no evidence kana musikana webasa akamurovera kutadza iye ngaazvirovere hunzenza.

“Tinosvika kupi tichinzi nyararai musazvitaure ngazvifumurwe hatizvide,” added the resident.Love’s mother Rumbidzai Nyamukapa confirmed the story saying she is still to confront Eulogy over sxually abusing her son.

“I am still to confront her over abusing my son and I have to take my son to hospital,” said Rumbidzai.

“Ndinehasha ndikakasira kuvaona hapamiri zvakanaka and the woman never apologised for abusing my son,” she added.