Married Sugar Mamma Looking for young Ben 10 to give punani to – PHOTO


Married Sugar Mamma Looking for young Ben 10 to give punani to – PHOTO. More and more women looking to be Hooked Up on Facebook Pages… We found this one today and she said:

sugar mama

I am new in this and I hope it will not be the ruin of me. I just want to be a sugar mummy so I can get someone who will make me happy. My name is Phylis. I work with an international company so I get to travel a lot but locally and internationally. I am married and my husband works with a reputable online business website so he always took time to travel and with me whenever I had a business trip but these days he is always too busy to go with me. He barely even notices me most of the time these days. We have kids and they are schooling.

I am not here looking for someone who wants to end my marriage. I love my husband and I plan to remain married to him for as long as possible. I am just looking for someone who can make me feel loved. I need someone who is young and handsome. He should be very strong and well built. I would want someone who is tall, but average might be okay as long he has all I am looking for. I need someone who already has a passport and won’t mind to travel with me to some of the places I would be going to. I am not stinking rich but I do the best I can to assist in his financial needs…. 

This is what we found on a Facebook Page…

Sugar mama