Married man shamed after pictures of him with smallhouse are shown on live television


A BULAWAYO woman who could not stomach the reality that her married lover had reneged on his promise to divorce his wife and marry her allegedly came up with an “indiscreet” way to shame him and publicly expose the illicit affair.

A scorned Ntombizodwa Mpofu from Emganwini suburb in Bulawayo shamed her ex-lover Paul Ngwenya when she secretly sent pictures of the pair getting cozy to a South African TV station and the lovers’ images were used to advertise the station’s dating programme.



Ntombizodwa then seduced me until I slept with her and on two occasions she lied to me that she was pregnant, which was a ploy for me to divorce my wife.

“At one point she even forced me to have sex with her without protection,” said Ngwenya.

Upon realising that Ngwenya would not be swayed by the false pregnancy allegations to leave his wife Mpofu allegedly hatched a plan to fix her ex-lover by exposing the affair through a TV programme.

“When I refused to bow down to her pressure to divorce my wife and marry her, Ntombizodwa made it clear that she will ruin my life and also destroy my family but little did I know that she would go as far as exposing our affair on a television programme.

“It was only after a number of people made fun of me in town saying I was that man who appeared on’s advert for a dating programme that I took Ntombizodwa’s threats about ruining my life seriously.

“While conducting some investigations my brother, who is based in South Africa, phoned me asking if I was aware that I was appearing with a certain lady on’s advert for a dating programme and Ntombizodwa also called bragging that our affair was no longer a secret. I also want to warn other men to be careful whenever they are dealing with Ntombizodwa,” added Ngwenya.

He said when he approached officials from to find out how the television station used his pictures without his consent they promised to look into the issue but nothing has come out of it.

“I’m contemplating suing the television station for publicising my images without my consent. They took my details and promised to investigate the matter but nothing has been done up to now,” he said.

Mpofu could not be reached for comment as she could not be located at her place of residence in Emganwini and her mobile phone was also not reachable by the time of going to print.

Source-H metro