Married man dies at lover ‘s house cheating does not pay


The price of infidelity could be more expensive than what the cheater bargained for.

A married Bulawayo woman learnt the hard way that cheating does not pay after she was exposed following the death of her widowed lover whom she had spent the night with at his house in Mpopoma suburb.

It is alleged that when tragedy struck, the two timing woman Somakuliphi Hlabangana had lied to her husband Nebson Tshuma that she was visiting a relative in Magwegwe North yet she was going for a sleep over at her now deceased lover Life Ndlovu’s house.

It is reported that when she woke up and realized that the 54-year-old Ndlovu had collapsed and died in the toilet, Hlabangana disappeared from the scene and her whereabouts are still unknown up to now.



The incident which was confirmed by Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango happened on 12 October.

“We received a case of a sudden death which happened in Mpopoma involving a 54-year-old man who collapsed and died in the toilet and investigations are in progress,” she said.

B-Metro gathered that two days before the tragic incident Ndlovu and Hlabangana went on a picnic in Filabusi where the former came back complaining of stomach pains.

A tenant who spoke and preferred anonymity said before Ndlovu’s death Hlabangana was a regular visitor at the house. She was allegedly going to Ndlovu’s house lying to her husband that she would be visiting a prophet.

“The woman was always coming to see Malume and on Sunday when they came back from Filabusi where they had gone together Malume started complaining of stomach pains saying he suspected that it was the water he drank during their expedition.

From that day his condition started deteriorating as he was always vomiting until the day he was found dead in the toilet. I am the one who raised alarm and called neighbors after I became suspicious that the door had been locked for a long time,” said the distressed tenant.

The tenant said neighbors forced the door open and found Life’s lifeless body lying across the chamber.

“Hlabangana who was by that time present a t the house and suspected to have spent the night with him immediately disappeared from the scene when his body was being removed from the toilet,” the source added.

Ndlovu’s 32 year old son Thamsanga said the family was still struggling to come to terms with his father’s sudden death. “I was in South Africa when I received the news. I can’t say much since the matter is being investigated by the police.

The only information we have at hand as a family is that the day my father died he had spent the night with another woman who later disappeared when his body was being retrieved from the toilet. As a family all we want from the woman is to help us with information f what really transpired on the fateful day,” he said.

Although Hlabangana could not be located for comment her husband Tshuma confirmed the incident.

“I am still confused and trying to come to terms with the incident. I just heard from residents that my wife was always seen at the Ndlovu’s house, even on the day he died she did not sleep at home.

From that day I never talked to her and she disappeared from home. I am suspecting that she is in Magwegwe North and I am surprised why she is running away from home,” he said.

Source- B Metro