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Marriage collapses after hubby discovers explicit pictures of his wife with another man




A GARIKAI woman’s marriage is in tatters after her explicit photographs in the arms of her teenage lover landed in her husband’s hands.

Manica Post reported that Knowledge Karumbidza (25) has since been taken back to her parents’ place in Chigodora area by her husband only identified as Mapanga after he saw pictures of his wife in the arms of her lover, Privilege Mutauro (19).

Mapanga refused to disclose his first name. Karumbidza is part of the praise and worship team at Pentecostal Holiness Church in Chikanga, Phase 3, while Mutauro is responsible for taking care of musical instruments at the same church. It is alleged that the lovebirds would in the name of church business spend most of their time in Mapanga’s bedroom having quality time, while he was at work. In an interview, Mapanga confirmed that he sent his wife packing after a neighbour handed a memory card which had the pictures.



The pictures were downloaded by the people who picked up the memory card and they went viral on the social media in Sakubva.

“Of course, someone came to me with my wife’s memory card and told me that she had lost it some days back. Then everyone in the neighbourhood knew of the pictures except me. So when I finally saw them, I asked her and we ended up fighting,” he said. Mapanga said she took his wife to Mutauro’s home where he stayed with his parents.

When we got there I also assaulted Mutauro and they confessed to the affair which was more than three months old. In most cases they used my bed to do their things,” he claimed. Privilege could not be reached for comment as he was said to have gone into hiding.

Approached for comment, Privilege’s father, only identified as Mutauro said the case was not for public consumption.

“That is my privacy and I do not see why you be involved in it. It is up to Mapanga to make it a police report or court case. Stop interfering with my private matters,” he said.

He, however, said the matter was being handled by their Chikanga 3 parish.

Reverend Charles Mazvito of Pentecostal Holiness Church said the matter was still pending. He added that Karumbidza and Mutauro were stopped from attending services till the matter was finalised.

: “We do not promote such behaviour in the church and we encourage people to be wary of Satan’s motives,” said Rev Mazvito.

Karumbidza could not be reached for comment as her whereabouts were unknown at the time of going to Press.

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