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Man’s privates disappear after wedding – suspects ex-wife bewitched him




EVERYONE knows what happens at a honeymoon, but a Hwange couple had a nightmare during their lifetime moment following revelations that the man’s organ failed to rise to the occasion and whenever he wanted to make love, the organ mysteriously disappeared.

The couple claims that after romance and when it’s time for the real game, the man only locates his testicles and fails to deliver the engine side of things.

Sources close to Oswell Gangata revealed that his ex-wife Esther is suspected to be behind his suffering as she told him that he was no longer a man the day they parted ways.

“It seems when Gangata and Ethel were still dating, everything was normal, but after tying the knot he started experiencing the problem.

“They got married in December 2014 and at their honeymoon they started experiencing the problem,” said the source


They reportedly kept the issue a secret until a few months later when the wife decided to seek prayers from pastors.

“You know once something gets to be known by a third person it then spreads to others and that is how people got to know about Gangata’s issue,” said the source.

When Gangata was contacted for comment, he confirmed the reports saying, “My ex-wife bewitched me after we parted ways to an extent that I failed to sexually satisfy my wife.

“After our wedding we went for months with a dead bedroom life. It is unfortunate that during my time of trouble, it seems some people were celebrating that is why they rushed to the media.

“All I can say is that after praying and fasting, I was finally cleansed and now I am a normal man.”

Gangata’s wife refused to comment on the issue while his ex-wife’s mobile phone was unreachable.

An elder from the House of Prayer International Family Church confirmed that the couple once had some problems which needed deliverance and that marked the beginning of good things for them.


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