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Man with 7 wives dragged to court for demanding th_reesomes




A CHINAMHORA man was punished by the court after he gave his two wives a bashing for refusing a th_reesome.Shepherd Kayawe,37,bashed his fifth wife,Dorothy Vhudzi and sixth wife,Sinodia Moyo after they turned down his request to have a th_reesome.

Kayawe,who is believed to have seven wives,was made to fork out US40 in fines for assaulting his two wives.
He also risks being jailed for 20 days if he fails to pay the fine.Kayawe admitted to the charges when he appeared before magistrate Takunda Nyamande.

he polygamist blamed his actions on anger saying his wives were supposed to abide by his demands.
Yeukai Musengi proved that on March 21 at around 2.20am,Kayawe visited Dorothy’s homestead where she was staying with Sinodia.

Dorothy and Sinodia share the same hut.Kayawe demanded to sleep in between his two wives saying he wanted to have a threesome.It appears as if it did not go down well with Dorothy,who stood up in protest.

Kayawe got angry and started attacking his sixth wife with fists.Sinodia was also not spared from the attack as Kayawe kicked her for refusing to have sexual intercourse with him.The two women took the matter to the police leading their husband’s arrest.

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