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Man who faked his own death buried ALIVE by gatvol family members in Mpumalanga




In a shocking development reaching our news desks, a gatvol family in Mpumalanga has buried one of their own alive!

The unfortunate man, who apparently had it coming after faking his death several times to his family, has been identified as Isaac Ngcobo, thirty-eight-years old.

Sources told iMzansi that Isaac has always been a natural mischief-maker and for the last three years he has been pulling fast ones on his family, pretending to die so as to ‘ascertain’ their love for him.

“This man had it coming. He has been playing hide and seek with his family, faking his own death. Whenever he ‘died’, and the family initiated morgue procedures, he would ‘resurrect’ and mock them telling them he wanted to know if they care about him.

Queried if they knew they were burying him alive, one of the moles said the family was well aware that Isaac was alive and faking it as usual but that this time, they wanted him to have a taste of his own medicine.

“We noticed he was alive but since he was always about faking his death, this time we made it easier for him. We buried him six-under despite his howls and please for us to stop.”

No doubt a case of being hoisted by one’s own petard!

Reports are that he was nearly asphyxiated(choking from lack of oxygen) when they later pulled him out of the grave and currently he is admitted into the Intensive Care Unit where he is in a critical but stable condition.

We are told he has learnt his lesson the hard way and has promised never to engage in such tomfoolery again.

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