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Man who drove his TRUCK into President MUGABE Motorcade pleads insanity



mugabe motorcade

A man who drove his truck into President Robert Mugabe’s motorcade in Borrowdale Road at the weekend, yesterday pleaded for the court’s leniency, claiming special circumstances led him to drive recklessly.

Joseph Chakanetsa (28), of Waterfalls, told the court through his lawyer that he lost his mind after realising he had driven into the road, while the President’s convoy was still passing.

The suspect will know his fate today when magistrate Nomsa Sabarauta passes sentence.

“The accused (Chakanetsa) went into a serious panic mode. He did not know what to do or what to do, in actual fact, he was not able to process anything in his senses. He forgot that Sergeant Mazowe had instructed him to drive to Borrowdale Police Station. Instead, the accused even forgot where his home is and was then found in Rugare,” his lawyer said.

mugabe motorcade

Chakanetsa, who pleaded guilty to the offence, was arrested in Rugare after speeding off from the crime scene dodging two police vehicles, which were part of the escort team.

The court heard he drove his truck through red traffic lights and against oncoming traffic and never stopped at intersections until they caught him in Rugare.

However, in mitigation, Chakanetsa told the court it was common cause that anyone driving such a heavy vehicle may not hear the sound of sirens because of the noise the vehicle produces.

He said when he realised Mugabe was passing; it was too dangerous for him to immediately stop, as it could have caused more harm to himself and the other motorists.

Chakanetsa also pleaded with the court to consider that there was no injury, collision or damage to property, although he admitted having committed the crime.

He told the court driving against oncoming traffic was an ordinary traffic offence punishable by a fine and pleaded with the court not to cancel his driver’s licence.

Patience Chimusaru appeared for the State.

Source : Bulawayo24

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