Man r#pes 13 year old girl on her way to the toilet


A 21-year old man from Suoguru Township in Mvurwi was nabbed this afternoon (Tuesday) for allegedly r#ping a 13-year-old girl.

It is alleged Bruce Moyo r#ped the girl once yesterday night around 21:00hrs when she was on her way to relieve her self in a backyard toilet.

Moyo took advantage of the dark and dashed into the yard grabbed the minor and r#ped her once without protection.

The girl’s parents reported the incident to the police around 2am leading to Moyo’s arrest.

It is believed Moyo had been watching the girl’s movements for sometime.

Police say cases of rape are on the increase and the Victim FriendLY Unit (VFU) is not taking anything to chance in protecting the girl child.

Moyo’s case will be heard tomorrow at the Bindura provincial magistrate court