Man pimps out his wife to German tourist for money


Startled village elders in Mwareni, Kilifi County are still scratching their heads for the best punishment for a man who confirmed their worst fears.

Last week was end of the road for the man, surnamed Kolowe, after he confessed that indeed he has been ‘pimping’ out his wife to a German tourist in exchange for money.

Shocked by the revelations leaked to them by a relative to the duo, elders could not believe the couples disregard for the sanctity of marriage.

The elders summoned the couple, expressing their fear for deadly curses and wrath of their ancestors. But contrary to expectation, the couple did not deny the allegation.


They actually confessed, with the man, a staffer at a beach hotel (name withheld) in South Coast, arguing that she was his wife and had a right to do anything with her, so long as she agreed to it.

The baraza (elders’ council) that had been convened to discuss the matter could not reach any consensus. The couple was set free, pending a final judgment. Cornered to explain how and why he procured his wife to the tourist, the man unashamedly opened up and gave the scandalous details.

He claimed it all began when he bumped into a German tourist with whom they became buddies and discussed anything and everything under the sun.

Thorough their banter, the German confessed his desperation for fulfilling a weird fantasy; bedding an African woman. The man said he first was willing to introduce him to his cousin with the hope of making some money out of it.

But later changed his mind and sweet-talked his wife who, strangely, was more than willing to sleep with the German so long as the money was worth the indignity.

Masquerading as a widow who was ready to mingle, the woman hit it off with the tourist. The rendezvous reportedly went on for over a week, with the couple raking in thousands of shillings.

Interestingly, this is not an isolated case. After nosing around, this writer found out there are a couples of similar cases at the Kenyan coast, the only difference is that most couples are never discovered because they don’t do it openly. The charade always goes on clandestinely, but with the express knowledge of husband.