Man ‘pays’ entire salary for night of se_x with H00KER


A WOMAN, who in July alleged her married boyfriend gave her a police uniform which she used to dupe her prospective in-laws into believing she was a cop, was back in court yesterday.

This time she is facing charges of stealing a Bulawayo man’s entire salary after he had hired her for a night of pleasure.

The woman was named Siphethile Sibanda in court records four months ago but yesterday, she was said to be Valentine Sibanda.

Yesterday, Sibanda — who said she was from Mpopoma suburb — was arraigned for stealing $450, from Mr Doubt Chindove (35) on November 20.

She pleaded guilty to theft before Western Commonage magistrate Mr Abednico Ndebele.

She was remanded in custody to tomorrow for sentence.

For the State, Ms Magret Takawira said the two met at a sports bar in the city centre and struck a deal to spend the night at Chindove’s house.

“At around midnight, the complainant met the accused person at Extreme Sports Bar. They agreed to spend a night together and proceeded to the complainant’s place of residence in Mpopoma,” said Ms Takawira.

She said Sibanda woke up at around 4AM the following day while Mr Chindove was still asleep.

She stole a wallet containing a driver’s licence, defensive driver’s licence, car keys and $450. She also took a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3.

While her plea was being recorded, Sibanda told Magistrate Ndebele that she only saw $300 in the wallet and could not be held accountable for the difference



The magistrate asked about the amount of money that she was supposed to be paid for her services, drawing laughter from the gallery.

“Why did you steal from your client? Don’t you realise that if you steal from clients you’re destroying your client base? You said you had charged him $20 for the night, how then can you explain stealing over a thousand dollars worth of property from him? Did he do more rounds than you had initially agreed on, or you didn’t like his performance?” asked Mr Ndebele.

Sibanda said she thought Mr Chindove would refuse to pay and decided to take the money and leave.

The total value of the stolen property was at $1 090 and only $790 was recovered.

A court heard in July that Sibanda, lied to her “future in-laws” that she was a police officer.

They believed her as she always wore the uniform to meet her lover, for close to a year.

Edson Dzinavanhu, the cop who was Sibanda’s boyfriend, pleaded not guilty to a charge of criminal abuse of duty as a police officer when he appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Mr Stephen Ndhlovu.

Prosecuting, Miss Sibekithemba Dube said Dzinavanhu proposed love to Sibanda in November last year, promised her a police uniform and gave it to her two weeks later at his house.

“Two weeks later accused person called Sibanda to his house where he handed her the uniform. The uniform comprised a pair of blue riot pants, grey shirt, special tactics unit cap, webbing belt, detachable shoulder titles and ZRP badges for the rank of constable,” said Miss Dube.

She said Sibanda was arrested for a case of theft in Pumula suburb on July 17 this year.

Sibanda’s brother-in-law, under the impression that she was a police officer at Mbembesi, told the detectives that they had arrested one of their workmates.

Dzinavanhu denied supplying Sibanda with the uniform.

He said when he first went to Sibanda’s house last year in February; he found her already having the uniform.