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Man hangs self after discovering wife was cheating on him




A MAN from Pelandaba suburb in Bulawayo allegedly committed suicide after striking his wife with the back of an axe on the forehead, hours after the couple had visited a police station for counselling on their marital problems.

Emmanuel Mapetero, 40, and his wife Tsitsi Kwindingwi allegedly sought counselling services at West Commonage Police Station before going home where they fought again on Saturday.

Mapetero was allegedly accusing his wife of infidelity and after attacking her, she escaped and headed to the police station.

When she returned home with some cops, her husband had already taken his life.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango said it was sad that a life was lost after the couple had sought counselling.

“We’re investigating a sudden death by hanging. The deceased was having challenges with his wife and had earlier sought counselling services from the police,” said Insp Simango.



She urged members of the public not to resort to violence as this does not solve their problems.

Insp Simango said people should seek assistance from elders in their communities, church leaders, and the police among other people who can assist them to solve disputes.

A source said the incident occurred when Mapetero accused his wife of cheating resulting in the couple seeking counselling from the police.

But hours after returning from the police station, a fight erupted again resulting in Mapetero hanging himself.

“They were having marital problems. Mapetero was accusing his wife of infidelity. On Saturday they went to West Commonage Police station where they were counselled. But it seems they failed to understand each other so when they returned to their home they fought again,” said the source.

The source said Mapetero struck his wife with the back of an axe on the forehead but she managed to escape to safety.

“Kwindingwi escaped and went back to the police station where she reported the attack. She went back home in the company of two police officers and found her husband dead,” the source said.

“He had locked the gate and doors of the house. Police officers had to break the door of one of the rooms to gain entry. They found him hanging from the roof trusses in a corridor.”

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