Man flees ‘commando’ after getting caught bonking married woman


When a loved one cheats you are the last to know.

That was the case for a Shurugwi man, Tapiwa Kanengoni, when he finally got wind of his wife’s undercover affair with a local man, Gift Chiganze. If it were not a for a ‘well wishing’ relative he would have continued as the ‘fool’ of the village who didn’t know the joke was  on him and his wife Elizabeth Mano was in on it.

“I received a tip-off from a relative that Elizabeth was seeing someone during my absence,” said Kanengoni. He didn’t believe it at first but upon investigation he realized that many villagers knew. Like a doubting Thomas, he had to catch her in the act for concrete evidence.


“I work out-of-town so I go for days but when the trap was set, I returned on the same day and found them having sex in our house,” he added. Chiganze’s adrenaline prepared him for a flight for dear life na_ked leaving his clothes behind.

Kanengoni has since reported the matter to Chief Nhema and provided the clothes left by Chiganze as evidence that he indeed caught them red-handed. “I took the clothes to the Chief’s court,” he added. Kanengoni still stays with his wife and the outcome of the case will guide him on what to do. Both Elizabeth and Chiganze’s phones were unreachable but Chief Nhema confirmed the issue. “Their issue has been brought to my attention. I will preside over it during the first week of December”