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Man digs grave in house for ‘cheating’ wife




A Domboshava man allegedly turned his house into a graveyard after he dug a grave in the dining room for his living wife. He suspected that she was having an affair with their neighbour.

As if that was not enough, Gideon Sumburero, also dug a separate hole in the same room which he used as a toilet. Sumburero also threatened to stab his wife, Pepukai Kuzivamunhu, to death and bury her in the grave demanding that she tells him about her extramarital affair with their neighbour.

Gideon said that his wife ruffled his feathers when she compared his manhood to that of her suspected lover-living next door. Pepukai reportedly told her husband that his arsenal was smaller compared to their neighbour’s hardware.

This emerged at the Harare Civil court where Pepukai was seeking a protection order against her husband. She complained that she was living in fear of her husband who was in the habit of bombarding her with death threats since he had already dug a grave for her in their house.

“l am staying with him at our house but l am living in deep fear of him. I am no longer enjoying staying at my house since he always threatens to kill me. He dug a grave in the house and covers it with my church garment, some flowers and a plate.

“The other problem is that he dug another separate hole in the same room which he uses to relieve himself.” She said.

Pepukai also begged for the court to help her evict her husband from the house saying he keeps a knife that he always threatens to kill her with. She said Sumburero once grabbed her in the middle of the night and threatened to stab her.

“I cannot afford to continue staying with him considering all these forms of abuse. I want him to leave the house,” she said.

Sumburero admitted digging a hole and relieving himself in the house but denied that the hole that he dug in the house was a grave. He told magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti that he only dug the hole to scare away some rodents that were troubling him in the house and was quick to accuse his wife of seeing another man.

“It is true that I once dug a hole in the house for relieving myself but I did it once when I was drunk. The other hole that I dug in the house is not a grave. It is just a hole that I dug when I was tracing the path of some rodents which were causing havoc in the house,” he said.

He also admitted threatening his wife with a knife saying he wanted to get the truth from his wife over her relationship with their neighbour. Sumburero said that he was forced to make the threats after Pepukai told him that he had a smaller pe*** compared to that of their neighbour.

“I then wondered how she managed to get the size of his manhood and be able to compare it with mine. It was when I threatened her with intentions to dig the truth from her and she told me that she saw his size while he was urinating,” he said.

Sumburero also said that he was made to suspect that his wife was seeing their neighbour after he saw her cooking sadza at his house as he was coming from a funeral wake. Pepukai denied the allegations and vowed to leave the house if the court failed to rule in her favour.

Magistrate Muchuchuti, who heard the matter, noted that there were acts of domestic violence being perpetrated against Pepukai prompting the court to order Sumbureru to refrain from threatening and assaulting her.


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