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Man ‘demands’ snake back from prophet at police station




It sounds like a fairytale. Most would pass it for a creative, fictitious and surreal account of supernatural experiences, not to be taken literally

A man from Rangemore plots in the outskirts of Bulawayo is alleged to have hired the services a prophet for spiritual cleansing. His mission was to remove a snake under his bed which he reportedly claimed was troubling him. The man, Norman Ngwenya’s dark secret came to light after a fall­out with the prophet Chatambudza Matsaure whom he had engaged to remove the reptile. The snake had diva demands of wanting sex — which Ngwenya could not provide. It is reported that after capturing the snake, as part of the cleansing, Matsaure put it in

a sack together with a white hen and two hundred dollars before he firmly fastened it with a red cloth and took it to a nearby stream known as Phekiwe where he allegedly dumped it. The dumping was apparently meant to end Ngwenya’s problems that the prophet claimed were troubling his family. But after the snake had been disposed, Ngwenya began to feel powerless. As such, to get his powers back, he confronted Matsaure demanding the snake back together with the money which had been tied to it.

However, all hell broke loose after some of his relatives “nicodemously” approached Matsaure and sternly instructed him to turn down Ngwenya’s demands as they suspected that the reptile was behind some of the misfortunes allegedly bedevilling the family.

Ngwenya, apparently in a bid to “fix” Matsaure after he had refused to surrender back the snake, on Tuesday he reported him at Emganwini Police Post claiming Matsaure forcibly took his money after killing a snake he found within his premises. Following his report, Matsaure was subsequently arrested. He later spilled the beans saying Ngwenya hired him to remove the snake in question which he was kept under his bed. Matsaure who volunteered to lead the police to a stream where he had dumped the snake revealed that Ngwenya confided to him that the reptile was allegedly forcing him to make love to it every night.

According to a police source, during interrogation at Nkulumane Police Station where the matter was later handled Ngwenya vividly narrated his strange ordeal saying he suspected that his first wife in South Africa where he was once based, was the one behind his torment after she had allegedly warned him not to ever get married to another woman. “It was an intriguing case when Ngwenya claimed that whenever he tried to have sex with his wife, his manhood would malfunction. But whenever the snake approached him it would rise like a phoenix. “He said the problem prompted him to hire Matsaure for help who later removed the snake. He further said when he approached Matsaure demanding back the snake he refused, forcing him to file a false report against him. Upon intense interrogation he later opened up saying he voluntarily hired Matsaure for spiritual help. The two later agreed to assist each other,” said the source.


When B­Metro caught up with Matsaure soon after his “release”, he confirmed the incident saying: “Initially, Ngwenya and I agreed to do a cleansing to remove a snake that he said was troubling him. But afterwards I was surprised to learn that he wanted it back with the money that was used as part of the ceremony. I was then called to Emganwini Police Post and referred to Nkulumane Police Station where we resolved that Ngwenya will get back his snake after paying me,” said Matsaure. However, when contacted for comment Ngwenya who was initially evasive later refuted the allegations. “I believe I was cheated by the prophet and his accomplice. I suspect they came with the snake and put it under my bed while we were praying. They asked me to hold a dead chicken that I moved around the house with and I believe they exploited the opportunity to do their misdemeanor. I no longer want the money that I gave them, they can have it. When I talked to them they said I should come and collect the snake and the money, and I refused because the snake is not mine,” said Ngwenya. B Metro

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