Man busts wife cheating,run over by car as she tries to flee from him


A RUWA truck driver went for two months with his bowels and intestines protruding in hospital after a vehicle his wife’s friend was driving ran over him in a bid conceal an illicit love affair.

High Court judge, Davison Foroma recently heard how one Yvonne Simukeliso Gumede “deliberately and maliciously knocked down” Beavan Ngarande.

The judge then rule that Gumede should pay Ngarande $20,000 in damages.

According to court documents, on the night of 11 March, 2014, Ngarande went to Mutangadura Highway Stopover in Ruwa after being tipped that his wife, Caroline Sibanda, was having an adulterous affair with a man only identified in court as Mambare

On arrival at the bar, Ngarande saw his wife disembarking from Gumede’s VW Toureg vehicle and getting into another vehicle that had Mambare on the driver’s seat.

Justice Foroma heard that an enraged Ngarande then smashed the vehicle windscreen, forcing his wife and her lover to flee.

Court heard that the alleged lover Mambare took advantage of the gathered crowd and the darkness to escape while Ngarande’s wife sought refuge in her friend Gumede’s vehicle and locked the doors.

An angry, Ngarande ordered Gumede to open the doors but she ignored him and instead drove away at a high speed knocking down the furious husband.

Ngarande sustained serious injuries and was ferried to Harare’s Parirenyatwa hospital by other revelers where he spent two months with his bowels and intestines protruding before two life-saving operations were performed on him.

In court, Ngarande told Justice Foroma that because of the injuries sustained, he was forced to sell his Ruwa home in order to pay medical bills while at work he was demoted to a general hand as he can no longer drive trucks for long distances. This, he said, had resulted in a drastic reduction of his salary.

However, Gumede said she deliberately ran over Ngarande in self defence as he was becoming violent and wanted to smash her vehicle.

The judge, however, dismissed Gumede’s claim, ruling that she had deliberately knocked down Ngrarande.

“Clearly the defendant’s conduct was consistent with that of a person eager to shield Caroline Sibanda whom she knew was improperly associating with Mambare after the two love birds had been caught red-handed by Caroline’s husband,” Justice Foroma said in his judgment.

“It is ordered that the defendant pay the plaintiff general damages for pain and suffering, disablement and disfigurement and loss of life expectancy in the sum of $5,000.

“Special damages in the sum of $13,918,” said the judge in his ruling bringing the total claim to $18, 918.

Ngarande has also filed a separate adultery lawsuit against Mambare at the civil courts.