Man burns to death ‘while unaware’


A man (35) from Bulawayo’s Nkulumane suburb has died in hospital after a mysterious fire severely burnt him at a neighbour’s home.

It is suspected that Given Moyo was having an affair with the neighbour.

Witnesses said Moyo was aflame but appeared unaware that he was burning up while at his neighbour’s, only identified as NaLloyd.

“A man who was passing saw him and pointed out that he was on fire. He advised him to roll on the ground to put the fire out. Since it was afternoon, a crowd rushed to douse the flames. He was severely burnt but still seemed unaware that he was hurt,” said a resident who declined to be named.

NaLloyd refuted allegations that she had a sexual relationship with Moyo and started sobbing uncontrollably during an interview yesterday.

The shocking fire incident which occurred in May has left tongues wagging and Moyo who had been admitted to Mpilo Central Hospital since then, died last Friday.

Residents are now speculating that Moyo could have been burnt by a supernatural fire as he could not feel its heat.




He was only quizzed by onlookers why he was not taking action when he was burning. It’s possible he caught fire while cleaning amangqina/mazondo at NaLloyd’s place. No one can really explain this,” said one of the residents

The resident said Moyo’s wife works outside Bulawayo while NaLloyd’s husband was based in South Africa.

Moyo’s family declined to shed light on the matter saying NaLloyd knew better.

She confirmed that the incident occurred at her house while she had gone to attend to a client at a nearby salon.

“We were skinning amangqina/mazondo together but I left after I had received a client at the salon. While I was still attending to my client someone rushed in saying there is someone who was burning up at my place. I said the only person who was at my place was saMoza (Moyo),” she said.

NaLloyd said when she dashed back to her home she found that Moyo had been severely burnt.

“When I arrived I was told that with the extent of his burns women were not supposed to come close. A grandpa who saw his burning body said he found the gate slightly open while he was in flames. He was not moving when I got there,” said NaLloyd.

She refuted the claims that the two were having an affair, describing Moyo as “her son.”

“I heard the story (that we were having an affair) but it’s a lie. There is nothing like that. And the person who is making those allegations should come and stand by his/her claims. It’s just someone who wants to soil my name,” she said before breaking into tears.

Although she accused her neighbours of being involved in tarnishing her image, she said they can testify that she was not sleeping with Moyo.

“I was close to his family. Given entrance to my house was not a new thing neither was it a secret. Even NaThamu (one of the neighbours) can testify I was close to this family. How can they claim I was in love with Given.”