Man brews up a storm,brings home girlfriend for wife to see


A Bulawayo woman is at loggerheads with her husband who she is accusing of disrespecting her by regularly bringing his girlfriend home.

Anna Kampila said her husband Nicholas Kampila was emotionally abusing her with his unbecoming habit of inviting his lover to their home.

She also claimed that her husband was always taunting her that she was old and no longer lovable.

“I am legally married to Nicholas Kampila and he’s very violent. He always beats me up with fists with the last incident being on 16 October when I sustained several injuries on the face. Nicholas does not respect me as his wife.

He is in the habit of bringing his girlfriend home and they start caressing each other in front of me.



My plea to the court is that I do not want him to bring his girlfriend home and show off their love in front of me.

Another thing is that he phones his girlfriend in my presence and it emotionally hurts me as his legal wife,” lamented Anna.

Nicholas, however, blamed his wife for his actions because he started having a girlfriend after she deserted him for four years.

“I am disputing what she has said. This woman (Anna) deserted me for four years and that is from 2008 to 2011.

That is when I started having a girlfriend. But when she came back I stopped bringing her home since I respect her as my wife.

“She is the one who is abusing me. At one point she shouted at me with unprintable words and when I tried to record the incident she smashed my phone on the floor,” responded Nicholas.

Anna, however, insisted that her husband was indeed bringing his girlfriend home adding that he had also introduced her at his workplace as his second wife.

Presiding magistrate Sheunesu Matova however, ordered Nicholas not to physically assault or threaten his wife before he referred the two parties for counselling