Man Bonks neighbour’s wife and gives her fish as compensation


Its fishy business when a woman has an affair and is rewarded with fresh fish. That’s the case with a married Binga woman who began a se_xual liaison with her married neighbor. Ruth Siansale married to Trymore Mudimba fell in love with Moffat Muleya whose romantic gesture was to give her fish to take home whenever they had se_x.

One silly day, 30 November this year, Mudimba came home unannounced to find Muleya huffing and puffing on top of his wife. What made it more painful is that all happened on his matrimonial bed. Mudimba reported the matter to the village leadership. Village head Pandayumu handed over the matter to Chief Sinakatenge.



The two busted lovers admitted that they had found each other and hunger was the main catalyst that brought Siansale to Muleya.

“My husband doesn’t want to work as such our three children at times sleep without eating anything. In a bid to avoid hunger I had to sleep with Muleya as he gave me fish and money to buy mealie meal all the time,” she said and Muleya also concurred. All the same Mudimba told elders that he still loves his wife despite having cheated on him with Muleya. Therefore he wanted her back. Chief Sinakatenge said since Muleya had brought the name of the village to shame, he should compensate Mudimba with three cows.