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Liar Liar Herald, Evan Mawarire was never on the RUN #ThisFlag #FreeEvan #FreePastorEvan #FreeEvanMawarire



This Flag

Liar Liar Herald, Evan Mawarire was never on the RUN #ThisFlag #FreeEvan #FreePastorEvan #FreeEvanMawarire. I opened my laptop and wondered what herald, the state owned newspaper would say about Pastor Evan Mawarire of the #thisFlag firm. I got so angry when i read through what they call articles… So i decided to write a letter to the editor for Herald/Zanu-Pf Newspaper.

Pastor Evan Mawarire is not a shadowy character like your state owned Baba Jukwa! Also the man was never on the RUN maybe you should check his Facebook videos and see that he was always in Zimbabwe posting. Now you BLAME the US and France wow who are you gonna blame next? God ?

This is what the Herald had to say…

Evan Mawarire of the shadowy #ThisFlag campaign yesterday handed himself over to the police who were looking for him for inciting violence following the abortive July 6 “shutdown Zimbabwe” campaign.

“He handed himself over to the police this (yesterday) morning and investigations are still in progress,” Chief police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba confirmed.herald newspaper

Sources close to investigations yesterday said Mawarire, who was said to have been on the run since last week, surrendered himself to the police at around 9am in the company of his lawyers.

Although the details were still sketchy last night, The Herald understands that he is likely to be charged on allegations of inciting violence.

The much-hyped July 6 “shutdown Zimbabwe” which was engineered by a group of anti-Government activists with the aid of US and French embassies was a monumental failure, contrary to privately-owned press and Western propaganda that the stayaway was huge success.

United States Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Harry Thomas and his French counterpart, Ambassador Laurent Delahousse, are accused of having a hand in last week’s disturbances in Harare and Bulawayo.

According to Government, the two were using social media to fuel civil disobedience and ultimately destabilise Zimbabwe. A group led by former MDC-T youth leader Promise Mkhwananzi — Tajamuka/Sesijikile — has been calling for civil disturbances through social media.

Personally i think when you have nothing to say just shut up rather than tell us lies because we know the truth, we saw pictures from the July 6 Shut Down of Zimbabwe….

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