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Lawyer who sent Mugabe controversial birthday gift flees country




SELF-styled Kwekwe political activist Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo has reportedly fled the country as State security agents hounded him over his prison garb birthday present to President Robert Mugabe early this year.


Moyo told NewsDay he had fled the country for his safety.

“I am writing all this in exile after fleeing the country since President Robert Mugabe’s gestapo, known as the CIO, are hunting for me and baying for my head. I have now been reduced to a fugitive, but my only crime was to exercise my right to freedom of expression as enshrined in the Constitution of Zimbabwe,” Moyo said yesterday.

I sent President Mugabe a prison uniform marked Crimes Against Humanity as a birthday present when he turned 92 this year. From that day I have been subjected to death threats through anonymous calls and frequent visits by a group of men in suits driving a twin cab without number plates who were hunting for me from both my home and my office.”

Moyo described the just-ended Independence Day celebrations as a farce, saying the country’s fallen heroes must be turning in their graves because what they genuinely fought for had been hijacked by selfish politicians who were plundering the country’s resources to line their pockets.

“It hurts to see that Zimbabwe is now more of a ‘Robert Mugabe Private Limited’, and to add salt to injury, the dictator is even grooming his own brutal wife, Grace, to take over from him and carry on with the Mugabe legacy, the legacy of oppressing the people and destroying the economy,” he said.

Moyo urged Zimbabweans to stand up against Mugabe, but in a peaceful manner.


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