LATEST on Former Dynamos star who can’t leave small house because she is ‘sweet’ in bed


When former Dynamos star player Anesu Gondo was hit by a groin injury at his new club Royal Leopards of Swaziland he retraced his footsteps to Zimbabwe to gain fitness only to go AWOL leaving the Swazi outfit wondering about his whereabouts.

Interestingly, the latest developments suggest that Gondo has not returned to Swaziland after three weeks and is currently facing problems involving extra marital affairs that seem to imply his groin injury is a thing of the past or it never was.

Put simply, Gondo has been healed from his groin pains and he has now met “se_xual pleasure”.

Word from his club — Royal Leopards — is that the footie star reported off duty to seek medical attention yet Press reports indicate something else.

“Anesu recently signed for us but he unfortunately picked a groin injury in his first match when we played against Mbabane Swallows. He could not finish the entire 90 minutes hence he was given off days. We are still waiting for him to come back after a so long period,” said Black Leopards spokesperson Frank Hurube in an interview from Swaziland.

But Hurube is out of touch with his player’s latest theatrics as it was recently reported that a Harare woman identified as Talent Taderera (22) sensationally claimed she had a sexual relationship with Gondo and the player could never resist her.



According to Taderera, the 26-year-old “injured” player is enjoying great sex with her.

True to the confusion that Gondo’s mistress is alluding to, impeccable sources in Swaziland told B-Metro that it was not yet clear if Gondo would catch the next flight to Mbabane or remain stuck with Taderera in Harare.

Everyone at the club is just confused because it’s not clear if he will come back or not. The way he demanded time off raises a lot of questions. The club has the capacity to hire the best doctors to check him. We wonder if he is in Harare after all. In any case, who is monitoring him there?” quizzed the source.

From what Gondo says there seems to be mixed reasoning in his mind, he now also claims he is in the country to check on his impending case with DeMbare.

“It’s not true that I had an affair with that woman. I have since recovered from my injury. The reason I am still in Zimbabwe is to inquire about money from Dynamos. The issue is with the Footballers Union of Zimbabwe and the Labour Court. Dynamos owes me $9 500. I should be going back to Swaziland soon,” Gondo told B-Metro.

Only last week, he said Taderera was giving him a headache.

“My life in the hands of this woman has been horrible. She used juju on me and I cannot resist her. I no longer want her in my life but I would be lying if I say I no longer love her,” he was quoted as saying by our sister paper, H-Metro.

Gondo joins a band of local players plying their trade abroad who are consistently making headlines after having problems to do with sexual relationships gone sour.

Many of them have gone AWOL in their respective clubs for purely dubious reasons that smack of indiscipline and immature behaviour.