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Lady Squanda says man who failed to se_xually satisfy her is gay




CONTROVERSIAL Zimdancehall chanter and loose cannon Sandra Gazi, popularly known as Lady Squanda, has once again made news headlines for all the wrong reasons. If ever there is one female celebrity who really is an embarrasement to womanhood in this country, she definitely is the one.

Last week, a shocking video showed her assaulting comedian Skimbo with the help of a male companion who was helping in the attack while filming it. From the exchanges it appears Squanda was offended by a comedy sketch done by Skimbo, who presents Ziso Regondo TV, in which he made reference to a story covered by the newspapers alleging that the singer had stolen items from a lodge she was booked in.




It looks like Squanda chose a wrong profession. Singing was not her calling, but wrestling or boxing would have matches her character and personality.

In August 2014, Lady Squanda turned violent and attacked fellow female dancehall artist Lipsy Chitimbe at the Star FM Dancehall Remedy first anniversary celebrations at the Mbare Netball Complex. According to reports Squanda hit Lipsy on the head and she collapsed. The brawl ensued amid allegations that Lipsy had texted Squanda’s South Africa based ex-boyfriend Prince “Bolo” Sithole a message indicating that Squanda was a pros_titute.

“Lipsy akatumira muface wangu message achiti udza hure rako Squanda kuti risandijairire and then muface wangu akabva andisendera message yacho back. “I then asked Lipsy on Whatsapp kuti hure ndiani and then she blocked me so I asked her face to face yesterday (Saturday) kuti wawaiti hure ndiani and then she asked me to leave her alone,” said Squanda who is being labelled “pros_titute” by many on our Facebook page.

In July last year, Lady Squanda was locked in at St Mary’s holding cells after thoroughly beating up her client with a bottle. She was detained at St Mary’s police station as she could not manage to raise US$20 fine for assaulting her client whom she sold a duvet.

Squanda, who is well known for breaking very controversial headlines, assaulted her client at Daddy’s in Zengeza 3. She is said to have been involved in an altercation with the unnamed victim over a US$60 debt.

As they say in Shona, gona ana gona wakewo, In October 2014, Lady Squanda was assaulted in a commuter omnibus and was left with a deep cut on her chin and had to be stitched up at Chitungwiza General Hospital. Squanda boasted that since she was a ghetto youth and “star” she had decided to get treated in her home area (Chitungwiza Hospital) instead of Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare.

Squanda also bragged that she did not report the matter to the police and instead it was the police who had reported to her that they knew what had happened and who had done it. She claims the police encouraged her to do her own a “recovery” an apparent slang for a revenge attack.

“I did not report the matter to the police, but police reported to me,” she boasted.

Having been orphaned by the death of her mother and raised by her grandmother Eunice Tomana in the sprawling township of Chitungwiza, Lady Squanda exhibits all the classic trademark stereotype signs of a child raised by a doting nan.

Wayward behaviour, the brusque gritty township lingo, a loose cannon; in fact she has even been called the Lindsay Lohan equivalent of the local entertainment scene.

Squanda was the only performer booed at Hifa in 2014 after singing words that even the liberal dancehall crowd found distasteful after saying “ndakarwadziwa sedhodh* remaguava,” in apparent reference to constipation which was a step too far even for that crowd.

Last month, Lady Squanda stood of accused of stealing goods worth $70 from a lodge in Kwekwe. She had attended a show organised by award-winning DJ Fydale dubbed “DJ Fydale UK Tour Welcome Bash”.

“On Saturday morning, workers at the lodge realised that the following things were missing; drying towel, pillowcases, bed cover, two sheets, and coffee mugs. They called DJ Fydale telling him that there were items missing. Fydale then gave them Squanda’s number and they called her. She promised them that she would come back,” the source said. Lady Squanda is said to have later on switched off her phone.

In 2013, Lady Squanda was accused of betraying the trust of several people in the United Kingdom including her own promoters who gave her mobile phones and other valuables to take back home but nothing was delivered until they threatened to report the matter to the police.

Ironically Lady Squanda has a song called Ten Nought in which she boasts about stealing someone’s phone and how the victim cries about it. (‘Ndakamurova 10-0 akabuda musodzi”, she says in the song.

In probably the naughtiest actions of them all, well save for faking her own death in 2015, an incident which nearly traumatised her grandmother to death, Lady Squanda pulled a shocker when she labelled her boyfriend ‘gay’ for failing to se_xually satifying her.

After faking her “death”, Squanda boasted about her ability to pull off controversial stunts.

“Mi de devil himself,” she wrote on her WhatsApp status.

One needs a counterbook to write all the bad things Lady Squanda has done with the past five years. We pray that God will perform a miracle on her while her body and soul are still in one accord.

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