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Lady Squanda faces arrest after shocking video of her assaulting comedian leaks




There are growing calls for the arrest of controversial Zim Dancehall singer Lady Squanda after a shocking video showed her assaulting comedian Skimbo with the help of a male companion who was helping in the attack while filming it.

From the exchanges it appears Squanda was offended by a comedy sketch done by Skimbo, who presents Ziso Regondo TV, in which he made reference to a story covered by the newspapers alleging that the singer had stolen items from a lodge she was booked in.

Skimbo appeared to have been bundled into a vehicle (possible abduction) and was being assaulted while trapped in the back seat. Squanda delivers several blows to the head while being emboldened by the man filming the attack who was also helping in the assault.




Towards the end of the video Skimbo is forced to lick below Squanda’s foot (she was not wearing any shoes). He is also forced to say his name while the video is being recorded and made to promise he will never do another sketch on Squanda for his TV show.

Social media erupted on Saturday with many furious Zimbabweans demanding Squanda’s arrest and vowing to boycott her shows and urging radio stations not to play her music over the sickening attack. Its not immediately clear if Skimbo has reported the matter to the police and if so, what action the police will take given the video is clear and damning.

Promoter Simbarashe “BodySlam” Chakare moved swiftly and announced that he had dropped Lady Squanda from the list of artists touring the UK in September. “Bodyslam UK Tour Madirirano team watched Lady Squanda Video of abuse, we are truly upset and we don’t encourage such behaviour therefore she is totally removed from the touring team for September, will try to fix the lineup with some1 who is suitable,” he said in a statement.

Last month Squanda was in the news after a Kwekwe lodge she was staying in reported missing goods worth $70 after she had just moved out. She had attended a show organised by award-winning DJ Fydale dubbed “DJ Fydale UK Tour Welcome Bash”.

“On Saturday morning, workers at the lodge realised that the following things were missing; drying towel, pillowcases, bed cover, two sheets, and coffee mugs. They called DJ Fydale telling him that there were items missing. Fydale then gave them Squanda’s number and they called her. She promised them that she would come back,” a source said.

Lady Squanda is said to have later on switched off her phone. “After about seven hours, the lodge owners called her and she was no longer picking up her phone. She ended up switching it off. They then called Fydale and threatened to report the matter to the police.

“Fydale then negotiated on Squanda’s behalf, and paid for the missing items. Fydale did not want the story to come out but people at the lodge were angry. When Fydale called her she said handizvizive ukabhadhara wakapusa (I don’t know anything to do with the issue, if you pay it’s your own business.),” the source told journalists.

Squanda dismissed the accusations as entirely false. “It is a lie, I did not take anything. I got a call from the lodge over the matter and I said I would go back to sort it out. Unfortunately, I could not go back as I had a show in Marondera. If I took their stuff why did they not make it a police case?” she queried.

The video that made Lady Squanda angry


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